5 years and 8 crowns are too scary! Is Mourinho the strongest coach in the Premier League?
For Chelsea, it is destined to be a sleepless night tonight, because after five years, the Blues finally won the Premier League again.In this extraordinary night, I believe that the name the blues pointed out the most will definitely be Mourinho.Because of his return, Chelsea kicked off the prelude.  Under Mourinho’s leadership, Chelsea’s Premier League journey this season is unstoppable.After the first round of the league, Chelsea firmly occupied the top position in the Premier League. During Manchester City, Arsenal took turns to attack the top position of Chelsea, but the Blues never gave up the first position.Now after 35 rounds, Chelsea finally locked the championship in one fell swoop.After the whistle at the end of the game, former West Brom coach Alan Owen immediately congratulated Mourinho. He said: Mourinho is an excellent coach and he deserves this championship.Judging from the team’s goals, his breakthrough Chelsea has been the best team this season.After five years and eight crowns to lock in the Premier League title this season, Mourinho led Chelsea to win the number of championships has reached 8.The first coaching of Chelsea (2004-2007), Mourinho led the Blues to get six championship trophies, including two Premier League championship trophies.After 6 years, Mu Shuai returned to Chelsea again.After 13-14 seasons of running-in, Mu Chelsea finally made shape this season.The double crown honors of the League Cup and the Premier League championship further prove the success of Mu Shuai this season.  Nowadays, Mu Shuai coached the Premier League for 5 years and won 8 championship trophies.Such a high efficiency, even Ferguson, Wenger and other top coaches can not match.Ferguson coached Manchester United for 27 years and won 38 championships, an average of 1 per year.4 crowns; Wenger coached Arsenal for 19 years and won 13 championships with an efficiency of about 0 per year.7 championships; Mu Shuai, on the other hand, has a championship efficiency of 1 per year.6 crowns.”BBC” said: As of now, Mourinho, as a coach, can get a championship trophy every 34 games on average.So, is he the greatest coach in the Premier League?From the perspective of winning efficiency alone, Mourinho is certainly qualified to claim the title of the first manager of the Premier League.  Today, Mourinho’s coaching career has gradually won 22 championship trophies.There is no doubt that he is a champion coach and one of the most powerful and prestigious coaches in football today.For his 22 championship trophies, Mu Shuai has a preference for this season’s Premier League title, and the madman thinks this is a special achievement.Mu Shuai said: Now this is a great feeling, because Chelsea is my club.There are differences in leagues, but nowadays, there are no so-called rich clubs (because of the implementation of the principle of financial fair competition).We are a top club, which means a lot to us.Winning the championship without huge expenditures will make Mu Shuai a sense of accomplishment.  Of course, with Mourinho’s character, his aggressiveness will not be terminated by winning the championship.Now that he has set his sights on next season, the madman said: We will supplement the rankings in the summer, and my players and I want more.Applying the small method, this time the Premier League won the championship, it is just the beginning of the Chelsea dynasty.Obviously, Mourinho also has such ambitions. (Small nine)