Wimbledon 2015-Nadal lost to No.102 Brown missed the top 32
News on July 3, Beijing time (London local time 2).The 2015 Wimbledon Tennis Open entered the 4th competition day. In the second round of the men’s singles competition, the 10th seed, two-time champion Nadal 5-7/6-6-3/4-6/4-6 bluntly lost to the world’s 102-ranked black German player Brown, missed the promotion to the top 32.Tson’s first step was a 6-3/6-4/6-4 win over Ramos; Berdych defeated Mahu 6-1/6-4/6-4, and the two entered the third round hand in hand.Nadal could not conceal the disappointment and disappointment. Long-haired man Brown celebrated the victory. Although the world ranking is only 102, but the play is particularly suitable for the grass. Brown only last year swept through Nadal in Harley and became famous.This time they met again on the grass. Although the German was behind with a 1-3 start, he actively came to the net to put pressure on him and quickly broke back in the sixth inning. The score was tied 3-3.After a tight midday, Brown secured the game with Love Game in the eleventh inning and led 6-5.Under pressure, Nadal suffered a break and gave his first set victory 5-7.The Spaniard made adjustments in the second set and once again took a 3-1 lead in the opening stage.Drawing on the experience of being reversed in the first set, Nadal has always been in charge of the offensive offensively, and after breaking again in the ninth inning, pushed back a set 6-3.  In the first four games of the third set, both sides performed stably, and the score was 2-2.Nadal made consecutive mistakes in the fifth inning, Brown seized the opportunity to get the first break, and won 4-2 after winning the serve.Although Nadal has been trying to reverse the weakness since then, the German who has a clear advantage in serving has not relaxed. After defending the serving and winning the game, he won the match 6-4 as expected.Frustrated by morale, Nadal broke in the fourth set with two consecutive forehand mistakes. Brown, who easily held the serve, quickly took a 2-0 lead.After a stalemate in the intraday period, Nadal saved two match points in the ninth inning and once approached the score to 4-5.At the critical moment, Brown’s strong serve and volley in front of the net continued. After winning the serve and winning the game, he completed the upset 6-4, making his first Grand Slam 32 in his career.  No. 6 seed Berdych’s opponent today is Mahu.The Czechs took the initiative in the baseline attack with a strong advantage in the first set. After two breaks, they took the lead with 6-1.Berdych, who took advantage of the victory and chased, achieved a 4-0 huge advantage in the second set. At this time, Mahu began to wake up and strengthened the attack to chase the score to 4-5.At the critical moment, Berdych did not have a soft hand. He scored four straight goals to win the game and he went to the next set 6-4.Berdych, who has always been in the lead, broke the score 4-2 in the fifth set of the third set.The tenacious Mahu did not give up on this. The Frenchman chased the score 4-5 after saving two match points in the ninth inning.However, Berdych did not have a soft hand before the victory. After defending the serve and winning the game, he won 6-4 and advanced to the third round.  Tsonga, who had reached the semifinals of Wimbledon, ushered in the challenge of Ramos today.After the start of the first set, Tsonga began to overlap after a slow start in the opening stage, relying on the break in the sixth game to take the lead with 6-3.The two men made a 3-3 tie in the first six games of the second set. The Frenchman then seized the opportunity and took the lead to score a break. After a shot from Ace, he scored 5-3.At the end of the set, the two sides secured their own, and Tsonga made the next set 6-4.Tsonga, who took advantage of the victory, had a break in the first game of the third set and quickly led 2-0.Although Ramos then kept trying to ensure that the serve was not lost, but he always led to a return to the disadvantage.In the end, Tsonga defended the serve and won the game, then locked the victory 6-4, and advanced to the top 32.(Benson)