2015 NBA Finals third half of the game: Cavaliers 7 points ahead of the Warriors
The Cleveland Cavaliers returned home to lead the Golden State Warriors 44-37 in the half. LeBron James still had a bad hand, only 6 of 17 shots, but still contributed 13 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. Other Cavaliers beat allNot in double figures, but Tristan Thompson, JR Smith and James Jones each scored 7 points, and the firepower distribution was very even.For the Warriors, Stephen Curry continued to slump, scoring only 3 points on 1 of 6 shots in the half, and Andre Iguodala performed well with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.James’ first two games against the Thompson classification series, today’s opening has a little less punchy to flesh feeling, and the movements of both sides are quite relaxed.However, for the defense of key players, no one was negligent. Curry was constantly forced to pass the ball after making a three-pointer. James rushed to the rim twice and interfered with the layup.James’ aggressiveness and Tristan Thompson’s offensive rebound gave the Cavaliers the upper hand. The game hit 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The Warriors fell behind 5-10 and called the game’s first timeout.  After the timeout, James broke through on the right and completed a one-arm dunk. The Warriors quickly changed into the first two games and defended Andre Iguodala.The Cavaliers also sent their sixth man. JR-Smith came up with a back-step jumper and then hit Mozgov for a layup. The performance was impressive.However, the home audience was not too happy, Iman-Shampot was injured by the opponent’s cover player, and the Cavaliers quickly stopped to let the team doctor check the injury.  After the timeout, the Champagne was replaced. The Warriors replaced the substitutes Azeri and Livingston. They have been prominently chasing the score to only 2 points, but the last time James Jones with outstanding performance immediately regained stability with a four-point play.Live the situation.James’ personal offense during this time was slightly reluctant, but the Cavaliers’ desperate defense can also ensure that the opponent will not easily score points.At the last minute of the first quarter, the inside blue-collar Azeri and Thompson gathered together to turn the score into 24-20.  During the second half of the first quarter, due to Iguodala’s limited success against James, the Cavaliers’ offensive goals were limited.However, they still spare no effort on the defensive end. Even the veteran Mike Miller who just just played has the heroic performance of saving the ground, keeping the mood on the scene always high.  As soon as the second quarter came, the Warriors took turns off the bench and quickly smoothed the 4-point difference.However, the Cavaliers James, who had been quiet for a long time, made a breakthrough layup. JR even hit a long shot and instantly opened the score to 31-26.Even more gratifying is that Chambord returned to the sidelines after returning to the locker room for short-term treatment.  As the game deepened, the intensity of confrontation on the field continued to increase, and the offensive hit rate began to decline.The Cavaliers mainly rely on James’ bulldozer-style breakthrough, and the Warriors continue the firepower with occasional outside shots.The biggest bright spot on the court during this time was that the first three-pointer shot after the return of Champagne made a solid hit, and the second was that the Warriors sent David Lee, who had not seen him for a long time, and it was also a torrential rain after the layup.  In this way you come and go, the first half of the game gradually came to an end.The Shuihua Brothers lacked overall sense, but the veteran Iguodala performed impressively, ensuring that the score gap was controlled within 5 points.In the last two minutes before halftime, the two sides repeatedly missed the shot, and the score has been fixed at 41-37. Until the last second, Jones took James to assist the three-pointer to help the Cavaliers extend the lead to 7 points.(panda)