“Qing Yu Nian” urged more success, Zhang Ruoyun sent 4 million words of the original copy to fans
On December 2, the costume drama “Qing Yu Nian” announced the addition of Gauguin.Zhang Ruoyun, who played Fan Xiaoxian in the show, responded to a reminder fan on Weibo, saying that he would send the original copy to the other party.The fan was reminded before and @ 张 若 昀, saying that if the reminder was successful, he copied the original.>>> “Qing Yu Nian” and “Herring Huating” are playing in the ring, both Shuangjia and even grab the audience screenshots of Zhang Ruoyun’s Weibo.Fans posted a Weibo private message with Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Ruoyun said: “Please private message @ 张 若 昀 studio to give the address and send you a set of original works for easy copy.”Then Zhang Ruoyun’s studio contacted the fan for an address, and also agreed to ask Zhang Ruoyun to sign.Fans were very excited: “Unexpectedly, Zhang Ruoyun really sent me the original!!!And have a signature!!!!Flop + give gifts, copy books when you copy . “The full text of” Qing Yu Nian “consists of seven volumes, nearly 4 million words.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing