Expert Xu Jicheng predicts 2015 NBA Finals results: Warriors expected to win 4-1
James is still considered to be the most capable player in the world, and Curry, who won the MVP this season, is the most anticipated player in the world. Now they will compete on the stage of the 2015 NBA Finals. WhoCan you win the final victory?Before the contest kicked off, Tencent Sports interviewed a number of NBA experts to create a column called “Prediction Finals” for everyone to interpret the finals.Xu Jicheng, a well-known NBA expert, believes that the Cavaliers will win the first game, but the Warriors are expected to solve the battle in 5 games and win the championship with a total score of 4-1.How to limit James Curry?  Last summer, James left the Heat and returned to the Cavaliers, although I went home one sentence!To make up for the mistakes that were decided that year, but because of the new three giants lineup formed by the Cavaliers, some people were deprived of the notoriety of holding the thighs in the second season.NBA famous commentator Xu Jicheng believes that this finals is James’s battle for the name. In the playoffs, James alone brought a team that was not optimistic to the finals.Leading different teams to the finals for five consecutive years is also something no one in the NBA has done before. If you win the championship, it will be the best proof of James’ personal ability.  Curry was the most talked about in the finals this year. He is a new player and also won the MVP this season.Xu Jicheng believes that if Curry wins the championship, it means that the NBA has begun a new round of change.  Undoubtedly, the performance of the two teams’ head stars James and Curry will determine the direction of the game. Which team wants to win the game must find a way to limit the play of these two superstars.徐济成认为对待詹姆斯、库里要采取完全不同的防守策略,詹姆斯的掌控能力更强,策应能力突出,你无法奢望只用一名球员就能防住他,对待詹姆斯要采用‘放投不放突’的防守策略,你可以让他去投篮,但不能让他肆虐内线,造成杀伤。Defensive Curry is quite the opposite-‘put a sudden shot without a shot’, because a breakthrough layup can only get 2 points even if it is scored, but if he is allowed to easily make a 3-pointer from the perimeter, it will be difficult to hit.菜鸟主帅令人期待  本届总决赛迎来两位菜鸟主帅,勇士主教练科尔是公牛三连冠时期的功臣,也曾帮助马刺夺得过总冠军,在禅师菲尔-杰克逊和波波维The odd two famous coaches benefited him greatly. In the first year, he led the team and scored 67 wins and 15 losses.Cavaliers coach David Blatter has previously coached in the European League and has traveled all over Israel, Greece, Russia and Turkey. In the 2013-14 season, he helped the Travis Maccabe Club win the Champions League (microblogging feature) basketball championship.Xu Jicheng commented: Cole is the last representative of the Spurs department, Blatter is the representative of European basketball, the two coaches in the finals on the spot, on the spot, fighting each other is full of expectations.The Cavaliers will win the first game. The Warriors will win the championship. The first game of the finals started on June 5. The Cavaliers received an 8-day break, and the Warriors also received a 7-day break. However, a long break is not good for the team.Xu Jicheng commented: The Warriors are a team that depends on shooting. If they haven’t played for a long time, they will affect the player’s shooting feel and the rhythm of the game. The Cavaliers are relatively less negatively affected. They mainly focus on breakthroughs.It is physical confrontation, so the Cavaliers are very likely to win the first game of the finals.  The situation of the two sides in this year’s finals is somewhat similar to the 2013 finals. At that time, the Heat’s main player lineup was younger than the Spurs and had better physical fitness and vitality. Although the Spurs are experienced, the GDP-centric teamThe lineup is old, they want to solve the battle with the least number of games, and the game was once towards their expectations.Final 28 of Game 6 of the Finals.In 2 seconds, the Spurs led the Heat by 5 points. When the San Antonio generals thought the championship trophy was about to come, they never thought the Heat did not give up their efforts, especially when Ray Allen last 5.When he hit a 3-pointer in 2 seconds, everything changed, and the relatively young Heat that year became the ultimate king.Although James was the most valuable player in the Heat’s finals, Xu Jicheng believes that the situation has changed.The Warriors are more like the Heat of the year. Their main lineup is relatively young, and the impact of injuries is less. Although the Cavaliers are more experienced than the Warriors, age and injuries are their biggest problems.  So looking at the entire finals, Xu Jicheng believes that the Warriors have a great hope of winning the championship. If the battle is resolved in 5 games, I think the Warriors will win the final victory, which is to defeat the Cavaliers 4-1 with a total score. If 7 games are reached, The Warriors will also win the tiebreaker to win the championship 4-3.(Reporter Song Zhongdong)