Interview with Bao Chunlai: I am a newbie from athlete to actor
With Lai Shengchuan as the artistic director, Ding Naizhen’s drama “He and His Two Wifes” was performed at the Poly Theater in Beijing on May 28.The play can be described as an enduring comedy classic. It was premiered in Taiwan in 1997 under the title of “Yun Jiang, Gangster, Dog and His Wife”. The mainland version replaced this name in 2002.In different versions, Xu Zheng, Zhu Xiaotian, and Yu Entai all played the leading roles in the play.In the new version, Bao Chunlai plays the rookie policeman Shen Zuoyi and is involved in his lies in order to explore the case involving Zhang Liguo. He was born with a calf and a sense of justice, but he sometimes understood that he was confused sometimes. In this husband, two wivesIn the weird combination, there is a story that is neither crying nor laughing.Speaking of the characteristics of the characters in the play, Bao Chunlai described it as dumb and cute. This policeman is actually very similar to my own character, especially a tendon. In this slightly complicated case, the brain often fails to respond. People love and loveHelpless.  Since retiring, Bao Chunlai hopes that former fans and spectators can ignore his world champion aura, but look at it as a newcomer to the entertainment industry.Although the performing arts road is full of dynamic challenges, Bao Chunlai said that he really likes to perform this art and wants to continue on the road of actors.There is no distinction between style and style. Athletes are challenged throughout their lives. For me, the identity of an actor is actually a brand new challenge, and I have always been brave to accept the challenge.[Bao’s Quick Guide for Newbies]Step1 Overcome the Tension and Try Characters with Similar Characters Beijing News: How to participate in the performance of “Two Wifees”?  Bao Chunlai: Because I belong to the same brokerage company as teacher Li Liqun, he has always guided me to act.I started to study systematically at Beijing Film Academy last year. During the period, I had contact with Director Lai Shengchuan because of Teacher Li. When “He and His Two Wifees” restarted, Lai Dao asked me if I wanted to participate in the show. I thinkVery honored, I agreed.  Beijing News: Do you remember the lines?  Bao Chunlai: Just like playing basketball, I believe that practice makes perfect. Only by memorizing the lines to the best can we make room for our acting skills in rehearsals again and again.  Beijing News: Do you still adapt to the rehearsal process?  Bao Chunlai: I think I am still very serious, and I must have a good attitude.My basic skills are not as good as others. In the performance, I express my true feelings.I also communicated with Teacher Lai (Lai Shengchuan), and he told me the same way, just performing his own feelings.  Beijing News: What part of acting is the most difficult to adapt to?  Bao Chunlai: The most important thing is to overcome the tension, which is not my familiar environment after all.I am good at the court, but I am still a newcomer in the showbiz.  Beijing News: This time I want to act as a policeman. In fact, people with specific identities are quite difficult to perform. Is it difficult for you to find the status of this profession?  Bao Chunlai: It is indeed true. If I play some of myself, then I can play well.However, the role of this policeman is quite in line with my personality. He is a policeman who has just debuted. He has little social experience, quite stupid, very cute, likes to eat, and is the only child in the family. These are very similar to me, I alsoLive with parents.step2 Positive and optimistic to liberate nature in acting Beijing News: After retiring, how did you expect to enter the entertainment industry?  Bao Chunlai: I have retired for more than three years. I worked hard on the badminton court for more than 20 years. After retiring, I put down the racket to find new opportunities.By chance, I met Wang Keran, the producer of this drama, and I also wanted to play a drama myself, plus I had received special performance training before.This is the stage I want.  Beijing News: Is it determined to develop in the entertainment industry?Or is it still in the trial stage?  Bao Chunlai: At the end of 2011, after I retired, I took a location to host a travel program. At first I just wanted to try it out, and then I found that I really liked it.I am willing to do what I like.  Beijing News: Have you ever thought about continuing to work in the army and badminton after retiring?For example, as a coach or a school?  Bao Chunlai: Now the athletes are different from the past, and there are more choices.Our expression ability and social attention are higher than before, so many athletes no longer do things related to sports.  Beijing News: Do you think your personality is suitable for the entertainment industry?  Bao Chunlai: My personality is very lively, I think it is still very suitable.But in fact, playing is relatively a single sport. I only need to focus on the ball and don’t need to consider other things; but the actor is actually a comprehensive knowledge. I need to deal with many problems at the same time.Fortunately, I have learned to liberate my nature in acting and make myself more positive and optimistic. This is also my favorite state of life.Step3 Abandoning the nap, being an actor must learn to sacrifice the Beijing News: How can you maintain such a good figure after retiring?  Bao Chunlai: I was very tired during the rehearsal. Eight or nine hours a day, I always felt I didn’t have enough.Actually, I didn’t keep my figure on purpose.  The Beijing News: Lin Dan said that he would come over to give you a support. The two of you were often compared together in the era of athletes. Will this comparison affect your personal feelings?  Bao Chunlai: No, competition is competition, life is life.Now that I have stopped playing, he still insists.In fact, the teammates of a sports team are like comrades-in-arms. From an early age, we have lived a group life together, eat together and live together. Over the years, we have had a deep friendship.When he got married, and he participated in some programs, I have also been in guest friendship.Athletes are very emotional.  Beijing News: Is there anything in your life that you are not used to?  Bao Chunlai: The most important thing is irregularity. When you are busy, you are particularly busy. When you are free, you are very busy.As an athlete, it is clear what to do at each time of day.For example, now I will be particularly sleepy at noon. I used to take a nap on time at half past one hour, and then I was particularly energetic after three o’clock.  Beijing News: Everyone is quite protective of athletes, but after entering the entertainment circle, your private life may be magnified and will be photographed. Are you mentally prepared?  Bao Chunlai: Ah, is this really the case?(You will be red.) Then let’s talk about it first. What we do as athletes is to pay more attention to the present.  Beijing News: When you were an athlete in the past, were you more literary or artistic, or did you love playing tricks?  Bao Chunlai: Sometimes I am a little literary and artistic, but I usually play tricks, and this time the drama is also liberated.[Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you]Badminton can grow the Beijing News: But your legs are really long. Does anyone call you long-legged Ouba or small fresh meat?  Bao Chunlai: Long legs may be related to my long-term playing, playing badminton will grow taller.Because you often have to jump, badminton is a full-scale sport, and you can grow four or five centimeters after the sport.The Beijing News: Will you diet in order to maintain your body?  Bao Chunlai: I especially like to eat.When playing in a foreign country, there is nothing to eat in Western food, and there is not much oil and water. I will often be hungry until one or two in the morning, and then go to McDonald’s.We usually eat dinner, we are just asking for rice in a pot, and foreigners can chat for two hours with two glasses of water.