Long drought and sweet rain!Lakers beat the Bucks seven years before entering the playoffs
“Nongmei Brother” teamed up with James to lock in the victory.The Lakers are fighting against the Bucks. The two teams are currently leading the west and east respectively. The two teams have “letter brother”, James, Anthony Davis, three regular-season MVP favorites. This focus matchup is considered to be an early stage of the finals.On December 20 last year, the Bucks repelled the Lakers at home. After more than two months, the Lakers flipped back to the city at the Staples Center.Today, the Lakers sit at home against the Bucks. The two teams had a record of 47 wins and 13 losses, 53 wins and 9 losses before the game. They were the leaders in the west and east, at least 85.The 5% super high win rate leads the league.In the end, James and Anthony Davis scored 37 points and 30 points respectively, leading the Lakers to the end with a 113 to 103 laugh.In the contest in Milwaukee more than two months ago, the Lakers lost the league’s first battle, and saw the Bucks become more courageous in the subsequent regular season and continue to expand their lead.At that time, the supplementary play of the two sides directly affected the outcome of the game. The Lakers lost the bench collectively and only scored a total of 2 points. The Bucks role players contributed well to each other, especially George Hill scored 21 points.Indirectly ended the suspense of the game.James can prevent good transmission.In this campaign, sitting in the Staples Center, the Lakers learned the lessons of the previous round. The same mistakes were not made for the second time. Kuzma, Pop, Rondo, Caruso, and new aid Markie Morris, etc.Substitute players have given James and Anthony Davis important support at critical moments.Of course, the Lakers can win this battle. The biggest heroes are James and Anthony Davis. When the two sides are stalemate, the two led the Lakers to start their efforts in the middle of the third quarter.A wave of fierce climax of 18-0, overtaking the score and widening the gap in one fell swoop, although the Bucks struggled to catch up in the end, but the Lakers played steadily to win the game.The defeat has been settled, and “Letter Brother” is somewhat lost.After winning this crucial victory, the Lakers’ record came to 48 wins and 13 losses, and continued to rank first in the West, and the Pioneers leading the West 9th have exceeded 21.With 5 wins and the remaining 21 regular-season games, all the Lakers will lose, and the Lakers can ensure that they are ranked in the top eight in the West, which means that the Lakers become the first Western team to qualify for the playoffs.After that, he was shortlisted for the playoffs again after 7 years.On the other side of the Bucks, “Letter” made 10 of 21 shots, made 1 of 6 3-pointers, scored 32 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists.Although the personal data of the “Greek Monsters” is brilliant, the helpless teammates failed to provide much firepower support, and the Bucks had to defeat Staples.After the game, the “brother of letters” was a little depressed. He left the field early and disappeared in the player channel.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Chunqiu proofread Zhao Lin