[Can you eat panax notoginseng during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Diet

Panax notoginseng is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine with high medicinal value. Of course, panax notoginseng can be used as an adjunct when making various foods, especially when stewing soup.

So, for pregnant women, can Sanqi be eaten?

Professionals remind that the main effect of Panax notoginseng is to promote blood circulation, and it is not advisable to eat this type of food during pregnancy.

Pregnant women eat panax notoginseng powder, which may cause fetal gas and cause abortion, so pregnant women must not eat panax notoginseng powder.

First, can I eat panax notoginseng when pregnant? It is best not to take panax notoginseng during pregnancy.

Because Panax notoginseng is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, pregnant women taking panax notoginseng powder may easily lose their breath and in severe cases may cause miscarriage, especially for pregnant women with a history of miscarriage.

However, pregnant women are very suitable for taking Panax notoginseng after giving birth, and have good blood circulation and stasis, which is effective for removing postpartum lochia.

Pregnant women must pay attention to medication during pregnancy. Many Chinese medicines have an impact on pregnant women. Pregnant women must take medication under the guidance of a doctor.

Taking traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy must be symptomatic. Once taking general nourishing drugs, it must be gentle and moderate, which is consistent with the physique of expectant mothers.

Expectant mothers abuse Chinese medicine supplements during pregnancy, especially those that are so hot, which are not beneficial to the baby and expectant mother, but will increase the symptoms of pregnancy, vomiting, and increased blood pressure.

2. Forbidden crowd of Panax notoginseng 1. Inner body deficiency fever people should not eat Panax notoginseng powder. Among them, herbs have their indications. Panax notoginseng powder for daily health care has no substitute in itself. However, Panax notoginseng powderSexual temperature is not suitable for people with yin deficiency and internal heat, and angry.

2. Menstrual women should not take Sanqi powder during menstruation. Sanqi powder can promote blood circulation and stasis, which may lead to excessive menstrual bleeding. However, if the blood stasis type is irregular, you can use Sanqi powder to regulate blood flow and stasis.

Women who have reduced their menstrual volume have already had enough bleeding and their blood color is red. In this case, women have blood-heat manifestations, and the effect of Sanqi powder to promote blood circulation will increase blood flow and easily cause blood loss.Not suitable for consumption of Panax notoginseng.

3, the vitality of the injury, Yin and Yang exhaustion due to Sanqi blood circulation and strong blood stasis, so blood deficiency and no stasis should not be used, blood deficiency vomiting, blood heat delusion instead.

4. Children under 12 should not eat.

Because Panax notoginseng has the effect of improving immunity, and the immune system of many children is not yet fully formed at this time, it is generally not recommended that children take Panax notoginseng.

Suitable population for Sanqi powder 1. Sanqi people: Long-term consumption of Sanqi powder can effectively prevent and treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as obesity, smoking and drinking.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: For middle-aged and elderly people with high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, taking Sanqi has good preventive and adjuvant treatment effects.

2, regular social groups: regular social groups, smokers, alcohol drinkers, excessive food intake of people who are susceptible to mild liver, alcoholic liver, eating Sanqi can protect the liver and protect the liver.

3. Sedentary people: For sedentary people, taking Sanqi can strengthen blood circulation.

4, beauty people: For people with endocrine disorders, dull skin and pigmented spots, eating Sanqi can regulate endocrine, clear blood vessel waste, delay aging, and beauty.

5. People with low immunity: People with low health, such as those with weak constitution, easy to catch cold, fatigue, etc., can improve immunity by eating cooked Panax notoginseng.

6, anemia population: long-term consumption of cooked Sanqi can effectively improve the symptoms of anemia.

7. Fatigue-prone crowds: People who are under pressure from study or work, and who have been using excessive brain for a long time, eating Sanqi can relieve physical fatigue and have sufficient energy.

People who suffer from sprains: Sports enthusiasts, workers are prone to accidental injuries, taking Sanqi internally can promote blood circulation and stasis, swelling and pain, topical Sanqi can quickly stop bleeding, and relieve inflammation and analgesia.

8. People with long-term insomnia: Drinking panax notoginseng tea can calm down and help sleep, and effectively relieve symptoms such as insomnia and more dreams.